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Executive Learning REWIRED - Headspring EPISODE 8, 6th February 2020
FLASH INSIGHTS with José Hernandez
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FLASH INSIGHTS with José Hernandez

For those short commutes, long queues, or days that you just don't have the time: Learning REWIRED's FLASH INSIGHTS is a short and sharp distillation of key insights and takeways from our podcast series.

In this episode, the highlights of our interview with José Hernandez, author of Broken Business and rehabilitator of companies in crisis.

Reflecting on his experience at the frontlines of corporate scandal, José shares:

  • The dangers of an "us versus them" perspective that writes off employees guilty of misconduct as bad apples
  • The willful blindness that inevitable leads to legale and reputational damage
  • Why doing the right thing is not just an ethical proposal, it's a business imperative
  • How leaders can limit the risks of misconduct and corporate scandal by aligning their businesses with stronger environmental, social and governance purpose

Meet our guest: José Hernandez