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S3 Ep2 Dr. Preston B. Cline conversation with Harry Moffit on Navigating Change
Episode 214th November 2022 • Teamcast • Mission Critical Team Institute
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With the Melbourne MCTI Summit only weeks away, in this episode, Dr. Preston Cline and MCTI’s Director of down-under, Harry Moffitt, prime the audience for some of the subject matter that will be covered at the summit – themed this year around Navigating Change. 


The MCT community is home to the oldest institutions on earth – military, medical, fire and emergency, police – and in the modern age, all are grappling with the issue of change. How to prepare for change, how to manage it, and how to make it an ongoing practice. During the summit, the audience will be discussing and sharing how change management has been done well in MCTs and share some of the challenges of attempting to enact change in our institutions who are often hampered by longstanding, and sometimes dated, traditions, standards, and stories.


In this relaxed, informal chat between Preston and Harry, they discuss

  • Empowering agents of change and empowering zealots.
  • The rise of the enabler.
  • Standards, asking are they all still fit for purpose?
  • New approaches to training and development.
  • And some observations from their Guinness tasting adventure across the US and UK earlier this year.