The entrepreneur's valuable balance between data and intuition
18th August 2023 • The Thriving Entrepreneur • David Foster & Rachelle Leerling
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Are you struggling to strike the right balance between data-driven decision-making and relying on your intuition?

What happens if you rely too heavily on either your business’ data or your personal intuition?

In this episode, David & Rachelle explore the critical role of balancing data and intuition in decision making.

You will discover:

- Objectivity: The pros and cons of data-driven decisions and the dangers of relying solely on hard data.

- Gut feeling: The pros and cons of intuition-based decisions - the power of intuition.

- Real-life business examples of being out of balance in your decisions

- How to balance data and intuition effectively so you can navigate decisions with more confidence.

- Some questions to ask yourself to make better business decisions

A new episode is published every other Friday.

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