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EP 249 - Breaking Glass Ceilings: Female Leadership in a Man's World with Jody Rowe
Episode 24917th October 2023 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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What's it like being a female CEO in a male dominated industry? Jody is CEO of Rowe Advisory, a consultancy firm providing support to the oil, gas and mining industries with offices in London, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, Australia.

Jody is also podcast host of Tough Talks discussing all aspects of energy transition with industry leaders and experts. Her chat on our podcast ranges from how and why Rowe advisory began to why compliance qualifies for the big bin of bullshit via some f**k ups (as part of the chat, not f**k ups in the podcast).

The word trepidatious also makes an unscheduled appearance.


00:16 Getting to Know Jodie Rowe

01:13 Jodie's Business Philosophy and Challenges

02:39 Exploring Rowe Advisory's Operations

04:11 Jodie's Journey into Entrepreneurship

06:25 The Importance of Trust in Business

10:30 Jodie's Personal Life and Work Balance

12:14 Challenges and Successes in a Male-Dominated Industry

14:13 Jodie's Views on Business Growth and Networking

16:53 The Future of Rowe Advisory

20:07 Jodie's Take on Industry Compliance

20:57 Reflections on Success and Support

21:35 10 Second Quickfire Round: Getting To Know Jodie

27:12 Discussing Energy Transition and Jodie's Podcast

28:18 The Role of Gas and Offshore Wind in Energy Transition

28:58 The Potential of Nuclear Energy and Critical Minerals

30:32 The Complexities of Energy Transition

39:20 The Impact of Offshore Wind on the Environment

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The Essential Entrepreneur - Richard Turner (book)

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