Why I changed my mind about content templates (and how to get your hands on mine)
Episode 18916th August 2022 • The Courageous CEO • Janet Murray
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I’m not proud to admit this

But I used to feel a bit annoyed with people who complained my content planner didn’t include pre-written social media posts. 

I understood their frustration: everyone wants to save time in their business. But while it would have been easy for me to dash off 365 'cut and paste' social media posts (and I could have made a fortune) it just didn’t feel ethical to me.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast:

  • Why I used to think content templates were unethical 
  • What changed my mind about selling content templates to my clients
  • How my fill-in-the gaps social media templates save business owners time


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I'm not proud to admit this, but I used to feel a bit annoyed with people who complain my content planet. Didn't include pre-written social media posts. I did understand their frustration. Everyone wants to save time in their business, but while it would've been easy for me to dash off 365, cut and paste, social media posts.

And I could have made a fortune. It just didn't feel ethical to me. I'm Janet Murray. I'm a content and online business strategist. I'm also the creator of the courageous content planner, along


with a whole host of content kits that will save you a ton of time on content creation for your business or brand.

templates you'll get with my:

So why wouldn't I write, cut and paste social media posts and flog them to my planet owners because I knew it wouldn't get them the results they needed because every business or brand is different. And


you can't just post the same stuff as everyone else and expect to make sales. So I said about finding a way to create social media, post templates that a can be adapted for any business and B help business owners develop content creation skills as they're using them.

ause I have exciting news. My:


thousand fill in the gaps, social media templates. Yeah. That is four post templates for every day of the year.

But don't worry. I absolutely don't condone posting multiple times a day or even every day. Quality is definitely more important than quantity in my. And the thing about my content planner and this has always been the case, but definitely more. So this year, it's not just a planner, it's a content planning system and it's a training resource.

Every template in the:


courageous content planner can be adapted for any type of business, both product and service based businesses. And every single template is designed to help you develop your skills as a content creator. While you are actually doing it because if there's one thing I've learnt over my seven or eight years, I've been doing business online, is that the hardest thing about content can be getting started and sometimes finishing as well.

When I see people struggling to create social media posts, to create social media videos, the


problem is often the same. They're not sure how to start. They're not sure how to end. They're not sure how much to put in the middle. How many words, how many minutes they often end up trying to cover too much in one post or one piece of content.

Or including a lot of unnecessary information and waffle in the nicest possible way. And what my templates provide is a structure to follow, to help, you know, how to start, how to finish, what order to.


Share your message or make your points in which means you are learning how to structure social media, posts, videos, blogs, and email newsletters, all sorts of other content as you are actually doing it.

And it also comes with a comprehensive, but short audio training, less than 60 minutes, which will show you how to get the most outta the planner. So I haven't actually changed my mind. About content templates what's changed is I've found a way to create content


templates that actually help people get results, because there is absolutely no value in me writing a load of social media posts, even though that will be very easy for me to do and an easy way to make a quick buck.

There's absolutely no value in me doing. Unless it's going to help people get results. And I've been testing these templates all year with my clients, seeing how much time it's saving them, how it's helping them to get consistent, how much confidence, how much they are growing in


confidence, because what typically happens is people use the templates for a few months.

They may even use them quite closely for a few months. And as their confidence builds, they start to need them less and less. They create their own kind of templates and structures based on the content that they see is working best for their audience. And that's really important to, if you have any worries about using content templates and you are worried that that might make your content sound like everyone else is, don't worry.

I've got a podcast episode


coming up on that very topic. Equally. I have some clients who use the templates almost as a prompt. They look at them, it sparks another idea in them and they're off. There is no one way to use these templates. All of which I will cover in the audio trading that goes along my courageous content planner and content kit.

? Well, if you invest in your:


week. It lasts for seven days. Not only will you save 50% on your planner, you will get mys kit, which is worth 147 pounds. That's how much it costs to buy separately.

Absolutely. With that audio training, the fill in the gap, social media, post blog, posts, templates, email templates, all of that really useful content. But if you purchase drawing free all a week, you'll get three additional amazing bonuses. You'll get more than 400. Fill in the gap. Social media post templates for the


You'll also get my courageous cash generation content kit worth 147 and the clues in the name with that. This is a very specific kit that I've created to help you create the kind of content that will bring money into your business fast. You'll also get my awareness days, content kit, and audio training kits also worth 147 pounds.

Absolutely free. If you purchase job free all week and the awareness day content.


Really drills down into how to take awareness, stay even the ones that might sound a little bit silly and turn them into engaging. And most importantly, sales generating content for your business, tons of case studies and examples.

ing before the end of August,:


a link in the show notes for my 2023 courageous content planner.

You can either join the wait list or if sales are already open, you can head off and pre-order as long as you do it during pre-order week, which starts on August the 29th. Last for seven days. If you're listening afterwards, don't worry. As a listener of the courageous content podcast, you still get a special discount on the planner.

Now the discount on the planner may be variable depending on where we are in our sales cycle. We sell from the end of August, right round until we sell out the following


year. Usually the end of January, early February. But the earlier you. The bigger the discount. So if you head to the checkout with the code podcast, you'll know you are getting the best possible price available on the planner at the time.



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