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Reiki Helps You Feel Better - Guest Author Tiffany Hunter, PhD
Episode 202nd March 2021 • Heal The Healers • Dave Shepp
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Reiki Helps You Feel Better: A Guide for Young People and Curious Adults explains the energy medicine self-care technique called Reiki. Thorough enough for adults but aimed at ages 11 to 14, it’s firmly rooted in the everyday teen and tween world of soccer practice, friendships, school, and growing up. Talking about the What, Why and How of energy healing doesn’t have to be vague or confusing, and this book proves it.

Reiki is something kids (and adults!) can do to take care of themselves independently, you’ll see how your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem grow along with their understanding of their body’s energy. Using it they’ll be able to better manage their worries and pain, they’ll sleep better, lessen anxiety and depression, and develop a greater ease with mindfulness.

What’s even better is that Reiki doesn’t have to be added to the schedule, like homework or meditation. It can be integrated seamlessly throughout the day, and it can be kept private. It’s part of holistic (or alternative) health, doesn’t have side effects, and it works with any other treatment being used. Reiki is something your child does for themselves, on themselves, and under their own control to improve their energy health and bring more harmony to their lives.

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Tiffany Hunter, PhD is committed to helping people maintain their energy health by understanding how to take care of their energy anatomy.

You have anatomy made up of energy. Energy medicine is a new branch of healthcare, but it's true, nonetheless. Energy health is just as important as physical and mental health but it's not often talked about in ways that easily fit into everyday life.

That can mean we've got gaps in our care that may lead to real challenges. Challenges that can't be solved till we have more information about our energy anatomy and how to take care of it.

My vision is to bring energy medicine Information into our lives so it is understood and used with the same normalcy and value as brushing our teeth or staying hydrated.

I created an energy medicine clinic called Healing for People and it's located in San Rafael, California. We offer individual sessions and teach classes for all ages. We see people in person and online.

We'd love to get to know you.