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The Art of Attunement in Supervision
Episode 321st February 2024 • Supervision Simplified • Supervision Simplified Podcast
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Dive into "Supervision Simplified" as Dr. Amy Parks and Valarie Harris explore the transformative power of supervision in this compelling episode. They delve into the intricacies of the supervisory relationship, emphasizing trust, respect, and collaboration as foundational elements.

By sharing insights on attunement, continuous learning, and the importance of group dynamics, Amy and Valarie offer a roadmap for both supervisors and supervisees to navigate the complexities of clinical growth.

This discussion not only highlights the challenges and rewards of supervision but also underscores its critical role in shaping the future of mental health professionals. Tune in for an episode packed with practical advice and heartfelt wisdom, designed to inspire and empower those on both sides of the supervisory journey.

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