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Cultivating COMPASSION for Ourselves & Others with Elizabeth Su
Episode 335th January 2021 • Leading People First • Chris Lin
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When creating a positive employee experience for everyone, there are many different ways to approach it. The thing is, our current “old school” way of working just doesn’t cut it anymore. It focuses too much on productivity through efficiency rather than productivity through employee growth and workplace happiness.

Elizabeth Su joins the Leading People First podcast to talk about how leaders need to cultivate compassion for not only themselves, but for those they lead.

Elizabeth is on a mission to change the narratives that women have been told about success and happiness. She's a wellness writer, the founder of Monday Vibes, a female-focused newsletter supporting mental well-being, and a perfectionism expert.

She's has done it all, from graduating Summa Cum Laude from Tufts University to having a six-figure salary at a hot Silicon Valley startup before she realized she was in a game she didn’t want to play.

Elizabeth and Chris also talk about the affect of intergenerational trauma that we carry as leaders, the importance of setting boundaries, and meditation as a practice. Elizabeth also provides some exercises for mindfulness and gratitude.

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