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Driver Seat Club Podcast Tip 2: How not to get triggered?
Episode 21st February 2021 • Driver Seat Club with Dr. Valerie. J.Dugamin • Dr. Valerie Johnston Dugamin
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For this week’s episode, we invited guest Casandra, a project manager from Argentina to discuss how not to get triggered by people or events; reacting to things or acting against each other especially the closest ones.

1. When you find yourself getting worked up; take deep breathes. It slows the adrenaline and calms the body.
2. Remind yourself not to fix it, feel it.
3. Aboriginal term: Dadirri. It means deep listening, trying to listen what people are really saying or not saying, and also understanding how you react to things that matters.
4. In a fight or argument, remind yourself of little happy moments that you had with the person you are arguing with. It acts as a circuit breaker. Watch what’s happening, de-escalate and not react.





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