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Episode 128 - She Dosen't Think Like You: The Game Plan
22nd March 2021 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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What is she thinking? Why would she do this or say that because I wouldn’t do it that way…

The Game plan episodes give you a look behind the scenes of how we came to the conclusions as well as looking at what strategies we use in order to identify and rectify the issues at hand. It takes willingness and flexibility on both of your parts with a sprinkle of “Don’t take it personal” in order to get closer to success for your relationship.

Take the this advice, abandon ship on the seas of assumption it does you no good even if history tells you something different, you are both entering a new part of your journey so make the trip together and develop new habits and mindsets for your relationship.

Join us for this episode and make an upgrade in your relationship communication.

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