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How Can You Build Resilience With a Listening Culture? With Becky Cantieri from Momentive
Episode 821st February 2023 • The Talent Blueprint • Beamery
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This episode features an interview with Becky Cantieri, CPO at Momentive, and your host, Sultan Saidov, Co-Founder and President at Beamery. Becky joined Momentive in 2011 and, as the Chief People Officer, drives the company's candidate and employee experience. Previously, she spent over 11 years at Yahoo in various HR leadership roles.

Becky discusses tackling challenges with resilience, how to maintain transparency after a company goes public, and why empathy is integral to a work-from-home culture. 

About Momentive:

Momentive provides Software-as-a-Service solutions that help businesses turn stakeholder feedback into action in the United States and internationally. It offers survey software products under the SurveyMonkey brand that enable customers to listen and take action on stakeholder feedback; GetFeedback CX platform, which enables companies to leverage in-the-moment customer feedback to engage and retain their customers.

Momentive aims to help companies reshape their customer experience and product. They help industry leaders get tangible results and make decisions with an AI-powered platform. This platform is built with 20 years of experience with data from real questions and responses. Their three product brands are Momentive, GetFeedback, and SurveyMonkey.


“Naturally, we are a survey platform, and we use [that] not only to measure employee engagement but to ask our employees’ opinion on everything from how they are doing in the early days of the pandemic to how we structure our benefits, perks, et cetera when we are working within a more constrained financial envelope for the year. So on a wide range of topics, we ask for their opinion, listen to what’s most important to them, what they value, [and] where they’re willing to accept trade-offs given the challenges that the business may be having.” Becky Cantieri from Momentive 


**(02:03) - An introduction to Momentive 

**(06:30) - The challenges of going public 

**(08:55) - The biggest lessons learned through listening 

**(16:05) - Post-pandemic innovation 

**(18:49) - Curiosity as the key 

**(23:30) - Hopes for the future of transparency 


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