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Managing the ServiceNow Platform: A comprehensive guide to ServiceNow administration with Author, Felix Acosta
Episode 1029th February 2024 • Beyond the Title: Conversations with ServiceNow's Elite • Farrah Wells
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In this episode, Farrah engages in a conversation with Felix Acosta, an industry expert with a wealth of experience in the intricate realm of ServiceNow. From exploring his latest book to delving into the nuances of ServiceNow certifications, Felix shares indispensable insights that promise to guide both novices and seasoned professionals through the ever-evolving landscape of ServiceNow.

Unpacking Felix's Book: Managing the ServiceNow Platform: A comprehensive guide to ServiceNow administration

Ever felt overwhelmed by the vastness of ServiceNow's capabilities? Felix introduces his latest creation – a book that serves as a roadmap even for beginners. Join the conversation as he unravels the motivation behind this comprehensive guide and discusses the importance of laying a solid foundation before delving into the myriad offerings of ServiceNow.

Farrah digs into the origins of the book, uncovering Felix's passion for coaching new administrators and developers. Discover how his first-hand experiences in ServiceNow implementation work laid the groundwork for a resource that simplifies complex ideas, making them accessible to everyone.

Navigating ServiceNow Certifications and Building a Robust Career

Felix shares golden advice on certifications, starting with the Certified System Administrator (CSA) certification. Tune in to learn the significance of mainline certifications and gain insights into the roadmap that can elevate your expertise in the ServiceNow ecosystem. 

Balancing Act: Career and Continuous Learning

As the conversation takes a reflective turn, Felix shares the secret to maintaining an inquisitive mindset – finding the right balance. Uncover the two mindsets professionals adopt, and discover why aligning your career with personal interests is the key to sustained success in ServiceNow.

Certified Master Architect (CMA) Program Unveiled

Curious about the Certified Master Architect (CMA) program? Felix, a CMA himself, unveils the mysteries surrounding this exclusive program. Dive into the intricacies of the program, its competitive nature, and the unique skills it imparts to participants deeply immersed in the ServiceNow ecosystem.

"Learning is winning. If an organization, a company is offering you to kind of do some certifications or any form of training or even mentorship, someone's giving you some advice, take it because it goes with you." — Felix Acosta

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