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For Fuck's Sake "4FS_Podcast" - Alvarez Keko Salazar Productions EPISODE 6, 15th August 2020
Episode 6: Pandemic Thoughts
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Episode 6: Pandemic Thoughts

Host Aaron Salazar (Award-Winning Theatre Director-Producer Featured in the New York Times, New York Daily News & New York Post) continues August with the wonderful duo of Guest Co-Hosts: Danny Marin (Award-Winning Producer, Actor & Founder of Con Limón Productions)Cheech Manohar (Broadway triple threat currently playing ‘Kevin G” in Mean Girls the musical & upcoming Screenwriter) 

PART 1 of The conversation continues in this episode about the current state of the world and the latest startling information about THE PRICE OF HEALTH DURING A PANDEMIC and how that ties to systems of systemic oppression in the U.S.. This leads us into discussing the social fall out of the our current crisis & how CANCEL CULTURE has crept its way into local figures in the arts community. After our “Meditation Break” PART 2 continues the conversation as we pull away the veil about what it has been like as an ARTIST & HUMAN COPING IN A PANDEMIC and how important it is to allow the love of the people around you into your life to help keep you spirit afloat during a crisis. This is just a taste of what we have in store for your on Episode 6 of "4FSPodcast".

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