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Become Who You Are Meant to Be with Erick Godsey
Episode 105th October 2020 • Drop Into The Härt • Joe Hawley
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This week we have the one and only Erick Godsey on the show! Erick is one of the most incredible people I have ever met, and it was a true pleasure to sit down with him to discuss some of the unanswerable questions of the universe. He is a man on a mission to change the way we all view mental illness in this country. Erick is a Jungian Psychologist, and a student of the psyche, myths, and dreams. He is a coach, an author, a mentor, and a friend. I hope you enjoy this very special episode!


In this episode, we discussed:

  • How the stories that we tell ourselves create meaning in our lives
  • Learning to listen to the “whisper” and taking action to find purpose
  • Our cultural story around mental health - How fear and resistance create borders in our lives
  • Erick’s early relationship with the concept of God and how that has transformed throughout his life
  • How we can use language, stories, and myths to transcend our evolutionary programs
  • How psychedelics and flow states can help us inhibit the default mode network and detach from limiting stories and beliefs 
  • Erick’s current dharma and the work he is doing around mental health

Tools and works discussed in this episode:

Connect with Erick


Erick’s Podcast - The Myths That Make Us

Erick’s Journaling Course - Make Your Myth 2.0

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