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350. The Neuroscience of Marketing with Dan Russell
Episode 3509th January 2023 • The Law Entrepreneur • Neil Tyra
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Today, my guest is Dan Russell. Dan is a marketing expert who owns his own marketing firm and did a lot of workshops to help convey strategies and principles regarding marketing. What I really liked about his approach is that it’s based on neuroscience; he did the hard work of diving into the science behind why things work from a marketing perspective, and then took those findings, scientific findings, and created the principles and approaches to marketing that capitalized on those findings. So you're going to hear him talk about that. He's reduced that all down into a new book, Snake Oil, which walks you through the history and the current affairs of the marketing world and provides a lot of lessons that will help you break some of the notions that we have regarding marketing and how that can cause us to either reacting appropriately or not react. It's really an interesting conversation, to help us approach marketing from a new perspective. So I'm very happy to share with you this conversation with Dan Russell. 

In this episode, Neil and Dan discuss:

  • Why you should know the neuroscience of marketing. 
  • Overcoming the distrust of marketers and the distrust of attorneys. 
  • Deciding what to test in your marketing. 
  • Finding your big ideas in the stories that you tell. 


Key Takeaways:

  • If you know how to communicate the right message to the right people, you don’t need to do any fancy tactics. 
  • Marketing is both an art and a science. 
  • Your big idea is the nucleus of your marketing atom. All things should circle around that item and drive back to that big idea. 
  • You need to have a good message around which your campaigns are built around. You first need to get the attention before you can convert the sale. 


"Don't worry about the sales, because most people here probably have more of a lead generation problem than a sales problem. Just talking about leads, focus on the bare minimum number of steps that need to happen to generate a lead, then measure the conversions at each step along that process." —  Dan Russell


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