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The Boys Season 2 Part 1 (Episodes 1 - 5)
Episode 1524th September 2020 • What's Our Verdict Archive • What's Our Verdict
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Butcher, Hughie, MM, Frenchie and the Female are back to their anti-supe shenanigans. The second season picks up almost immediately after season one ended. Butcher now knows that Becca is alive and the rest of the team are in hiding as they are all wanted men. Vought introduces the new member of the seven, Stormfront who actively challenges Homelander every chance she gets. Come and see what we thought of the first half of this season.

JJ argues that Hughie is the heart of the team. Casey liked and admired Stormfront until she didn't. Javier can't wait for Homelander to lose it. Mattson questions if there is a way to actually hurt most of the supes that are left.

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