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Terrence DeLane
Episode 415th August 2023 • Laugh Gallery • Crewest Studio
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We are back with more Comedy 420 from the hilarious Terrence DeLane, a stand-up comedian for the past eight years, who has recently expanded his repertoire by incorporating acting into his resume. We start the show debating sourdough best practices, and Scott explains what makes San Francisco sourdough bread different before diving into Terrence’s set at The Comedy Chateau. Get ready for a side-splitting stand-up comedy show with Terrence as he fearlessly tackles the treacherous terrain of relationship status updates in the world of social media, and unveils the surprising secrets behind his use of Spanish while charming women. Hear about the humorous hurdles he encounters in interracial relationships, including the nerve-wracking ordeal of meeting the parents. Laugh along as Terrence shares his epic tale of getting hit by a car as a fully grown adult and masterfully playing it cool, the complexities of dating a Latino man, his experiences of solo high moments, creating vision boards, and much more! Tune in for a hysterical live stand-up comedy show with the incredible Terrence DeLane! 

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