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Everyone Everywhere - Church Army EPISODE 2, 20th August 2020
Black Lives Matter pt.1: Our experiences

Black Lives Matter pt.1: Our experiences

Trigger warning: discussion of racist experiences. Race, Racism, Racist slurs.

The news headlines and social media may not be so full of Black Lives Matters marches and stories anymore, but at Church Army we know that fighting racism is a movement not just a moment. It's so important to hear from people who have experienced racism and start to discuss together how we can bring about change.

Join Chris and Hannah as they open up the conversation about race with Andrena Palmer and Vee Pinto, black women who are part of the Church Army community. We talk about what the phrase 'Black Lives Matter' means, and Andrena and Vee share their own experiences of racism. This conversation is very moving at times, but their stories are so important to hear.

This is part 1 of 2 of our episodes discussing race and the church.

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