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How Did We Miss That - How Did We Miss That? TRAILER, 14th October 2020
The How Did We Miss That?! Podcast is Here!!!
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The How Did We Miss That?! Podcast is Here!!!

Hey, everyone, welcome to the How Did We Miss That?! Podcast! Join Christine & John weekly as they break down little known crimes and conspiracy theories they missed in real-time, and you probably did as well!

As husband and wife podcasters on The Uprooted Podcast, we wanted to go a different direction on this show and really get into two of our passions: true crime and conspiracy theories! Christine just loves her true crime podcasts and shows and John is just about the biggest skeptic that ever lived so it was a perfect match to do something like this. Plus, we are generally so busy with raising our kiddos that we often find ourselves asking, "how did we miss that?!"

We hope you love the concept and subscribe, share, rate, and review! We will do our very best to bring you the best true crime and conspiracy content out there and we thank you in advance for your support! Check us out at How Did We Miss That?! on Facebook and @howdidwemissthat on Instagram, and don't forget to hit that follow button! Keep your heads up and look after each other...