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Helping Women Decide If They Should Stay Or Go – Angie Monko
22nd February 2021 • Micro Success Secrets • Tad Stephens
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00:03:38 left at&t and corporate career of 20 years to pursue life coaching

00:04:15 how I got into Should I stay? Or should I go?

00:05:16 Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as meridian tapping

00:07:21 I would open another coaching business (If you had to start from scratch)

00:08:51 I paid like $1,000 $1 per person

00:09:22 Referral Institute

00:11:25 I didn't know how to language it in my marketing

00:12:06 the shiny object may not necessarily work

00:12:53  If I had to do everything over in my life, a loving self advocate for myself

00:13:53 email. It's . Website: 

00:14:25 Five Steps to Ditch the Ex Mormon Guilt (ex-Mormon class) (timetrade link for free Loving Self )