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7. "Body Conscious" Break free and focus on what you are doing right with Lexie Gray!
Episode 719th July 2022 • Soulful Streaming • Allison Bobb and Tina Janczura DaSilva
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Fertility, hydration, food allergies, fad diets, exercise, supplements and our lovely friend - the nervous system. All that and more we’re chatting about with Lexie Gray - Lexie is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified personal trainer.  Lexie works with clients through her private practice that has the coolest name ever …. Well from Within.  She also specializes in working with pre and post-natal nutrition, which is where Ali and Lexie crossed paths. 

Themes We're Hitting on Today's Episode:

  • How Lexie’s chronic health issues led her to discover she had celiac disease and how it inspired her career. 
  • Nutrition + fertility - are they linked? Tune in to find out.
  • Body image - a topic that sadly, never seems to go away.
  • If you are a child of the 90s (like us) then you remember Jenny Craig, low-fat foods and Weight Watchers. We’re chatting about the evolution of nutrition and how one size doesn’t fit all. 
  • Food Allergies! Tina’s kids have many of them. We break them down, talk about fight or flight (that many food allergy caregivers experience) and also, when you remove foods, what supplements you need to put back in.
  • Fight or Flight related to Gut Health and what you can do to remedy.
  • Overtraining, Intuitive Workouts/Nutrition and how to know when to rest.
  • Creating atomic habits to incorporate a supplement routine.

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