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The 1980s
Episode 717th January 2023 • Processing the Past • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Segment 1: music

-Are you ready for me to take you on this journey of the 80s in processing the past? (Hopefully you get that)

I’ve been waiting for the 80s!!

-Both M’s Madonna and Micheal Jackson, Billie Jean is one of those songs that gets stuck in my head and never gets out, but most of all, MJ has all the talents, the dances moves, the looks and his voice is seriously out of the world, a game changer forever, we lost him too soon 

-Speaking of Madonna though, she is still alive and well at 64 y/o, Material Girl is definitely one of those songs that never gets old 

-Changed the game absolutely for the rest of the world

-Hit songs take on me, everybody wants to rule the world and we are one, beautiful songs that now wrap up all of the 80s memories 

-If you weren’t walking around with a Walkman.. What were you doing?? 

-Having more personal music and mixtapes became a thing while not always blasting your tunes on a boombox across the streets 

-Take on me music video is still one of the most creative and innovative things of this time, and also one of the most viewed videos on YouTube with over 1B views 

-Since Christmas time is here, it's a shame not to mention one of many hit songs from Wham! Last Christmas, personally one of my top 5 Christmas songs, a bit sad but who doesn’t love a catchy Christmas song? Wham! Is definitely one of the bands that is still heard today a lot and I hope that continues./

Segment 2: fashion

Neon, neon neon neon 

-Sweat bands and colorful patterns became the 80s trademark, what a nostalgic thing it is now 

-Street fashion all the way, overalls and graphic tees now, punk fashion 

-And obviously, jazzercise clothes, colorful leg warmers and lots of denim

get to -listen to that very soon! 

died, I'm wondering when this will end.

Segment 3: Art

listened to my past episodes, well im switching it up, because we're talking about.. 

-Memphis design!

-not necessarily portrait art but design and architecture, an Italian design group made these post-modern furniture and yes post- modern but it looked very futuristic and bright, as if you were living in a cartoon

- cartoonish but very popular artist still now, Keith Haring, another legend we lost too young, but his art will live with us forever

very fond about it,

-it just made people happy!

-He used chalk, spray paint and practically whatever he could use to make art

-As well as artist he was also a social activist and a remarkable man of the 80s 

-His art has reached many today and tons of museums still display his work in exhibitions and more! 

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