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MarketEd NOT Live - MarketEd.Live EPISODE 3, 23rd November 2020
Gen Z: Cat Agostinho & Jay Richards
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Gen Z: Cat Agostinho & Jay Richards

Wow, we really are flying through this LIT series, so dope, swag, sick. Sorry, we’re just trying to be down with the kids because this week’s episode is all about Gen Z. On episode 3 of MarketEd Not Live we are joined by the wonderful Cat Agostinho and Jay Richards, co-founders of Imagen Insights.  

Jay is the CEO and Cat is the COO at Imagen Insights, who enable agencies and brands to crowdsource feedback, ideas and insights from their Gen Z consultant community. 

Cat is a digital media & marketing consultant, founder of the DAWN Network, an IPA Women of the Year finalist in 2018 AND is a contributor to the Conscious Advertising network (CAN). Jay is the fifth of six children from migrant parents and is also a Forbes 30 under 30, and his goal in life is to guide Gen Z in their careers, just as his business teacher did for him. Impressed? We are.  


What you will learn... 

  • What is Gen Z and why is it important? 
  • Understanding the difference between the top and bottom end of Gen Z 
  • What Imagen Insights are all about 
  • The differences between millennials and Gen Z 
  • The shift towards Gen Z and the digital natives that value humility, being humble and truthful 
  • The importance of selling an experience, having an open dialogue and building trust 
  • How FootAsylum are killing it with Gen Z 
  • The importance of knowing your landscape in and out 
  • What Call of Duty updates can tell us about Gen Z audiences 
  • How Gen Z can be loyal but leave your brand at the drop of a hat when new information surfaces 

Resources mentioned in this episode... 

If you would like to get in touch with either Cat or Jay, the best place to do that is on their socials. 

You can find Cat on Twitter and LinkedIn or get in touch through the Imagen Insights website. Similarly, you can find Jay on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram. So, don’t be shy, if you want to know more about Gen Z or how Imagen could help you, send them a message. They are really nice, promise.