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Power Packed Strategies to WIN the Day
Episode 915th September 2021 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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WINNING the DAY does not have to be HARD or mean cramming MORE into your day. 

In fact, you WIN by clarifying, simplifying and multiplying what matters most.

In this episode I am going to dive into and share my top 5 Strategies to WIN the day as a Conscious Leader AND give you my personal daily planning method.

Are you a Conscious Leader? 

  • As a conscious leader, you are INTENTIONAL about what you desire to create
  • You are AWARE of what works, what doesn’t , what gets to be upgraded or refined along the way
  • You do not get pulled into the energy sucking games that throw most off course in the mindless ‘drift’ (See Episode 8)
  • You are CLEAR on what matters most and put structure in place to SUPPORT your FLOW and optimize your time, energy and focus

If all these are a resounding YES! Then join me in todays episode where I share...

  • My Personal Strategies for Success 
  • Simple + Powerful ways to Reclaim your Energy and Channel your Focus
  • How to Increase Capacity to hold space for MORE of what Matters
  • How experience more progress, more fulfillment and more FUN.

Today’s episode also comes with an awesome Downloadable Gift! 

My personal WIN the DAY, One Page Planning Sheet for Conscious Leaders.

Grab yours here.

Whoever/Whatever OWNS your morning, owns your Day”

“ We are not HUMAN DOINGS - we are HUMAN BEINGS”

“you WIN the DAY by clarifying, simplifying and multiplying what matters most.”

Upgrade your “to DO list” for the  “I AM BEING Gameplan”


This assessment will reveal How positioned you are to receive AND Sustain the next level body, relationship or mission in your life and it’s the FIRST step to going deeper into this work.

  • To get on the LIST and receive first dibs on invitations to programs, listener only offers + live events as they come available text the word KINGDOM to 844-974-4593

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