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Experience or Experiences? Debating Age-Related Diversity in B2B SaaS Marketing
Episode 712th February 2021 • The Get: Finding And Keeping The Best Marketing Leaders in B2B SaaS • Erica Seidel
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This episode wraps up our ‘diversity-in-B2B SaaS marketing’ themed third season of The Get, with not one but two special guests on either end of the age/experience spectrum, discussing their take on age-related diversity in the business world in general and in B2B tech in particular. Our goal with this episode is to raise awareness of age biases and address them in our B2B marketing world. This episode is controversial but compelling. Don’t miss it!

Dwight Griesman is the CEO for Eye4Growth, as well as the former CMO of Forrester and of other companies, with decades of experience and experiences behind him. Sarah Assous is a first-time CMO at Zoovu, the conversational AI experiences company, and previously held marketing roles at B2B companies Selligent and SmartFocus.

They talk with Erica about what age means to them in the hiring and team-building context- and indeed, whether it matters at all. They share which workplace traits of people on either end of the age spectrum they find valuable, and which ones are less-than useful, as well as the crux of the debate: what is more valuable to the business- experience or experiences?

Highlights include

  • A 25-year old doesn't know what it's like to be 50+, but a 50+-year-old has been 25. How relevant is that knowledge in our dynamic business environment where reference points change and evolve so rapidly?
  • What does it mean to have more experience? Is it only the number of years or the quality and diversity of experience - the ‘experiences’ you have been exposed to?
  • Is age a factor in hiring and getting a job in B2B marketing today? Do we have an unconscious bias about applicants based on their age? Do young people want a high degree of convenience with a very high pay? Do older people want stability and compensation but not too much challenge?
  • What role does the hiring leader’s gut feel play in picking the right candidate, when they are at extreme ends of the age spectrum?
  • How a growth mindset trumps everything else, regardless of age. The ability to adapt, relate, and execute will always be in style.

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