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My updated 6-step outreach sequence, with Thibaut Souyris
Episode 9117th November 2021 • The B2B Sales Podcast • Thibaut Souyris & Skip Miller
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In this new episode of The B2B Sales Podcast, Thibaut shares the latest version of his Ultimate LinkedIn Outreach Sequence. Here's what you'll learn:

  • The exact, 6-step sequence Thibaut uses to get a 38% reply rate and an 11% meeting rate
  • How to write a connection request with a 70% acceptance rate
  • How Thibaut uses Vidyard and Tolstoy for video prospecting
  • How to drop a LinkedIn voice note

If you're interested in building your own prospecting routine and using LinkedIn to book meetings, you should check Thibaut's New Outreach System. It's a tactical guide to book meetings on LinkedIn.

Enjoy the show!