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Character Profile: Wonder Woman
Episode 21Bonus Episode25th October 2021 • Yet Another DC Animated Podcast • Forgotten Entertainment LLC
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It’s yet another bonus episode with Chamar and Andrew. Thank you so much to Marvel Dice Throne for supporting today's episode. Please use the following link to check out their Kickstarter, support the campaign, and reserve your copy!

In this episode, we provide a character profile on Wonder Woman. We're discussing her journey, her impact, and her mission.

Yet Another DC Animated Podcast of Forgotten Entertainment is celebrating the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman.

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Wonder Woman's embodiment of strength, resilience and courage, we are fundraising in support of Safe Horizon's work empowering survivors through their healing. 

Make a gift on our page to directly support Safe Horizon and to honor a mission that ties to the values that Wonder Woman has had since 1941. Join us as we stand in solidarity with domestic violence survivors. 

Be a Champion. 

#SafetyIsEssential #DVAM