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Deciding to Become a Foster Parent
Episode 1928th September 2021 • I Want to Know More - Parenting Montana • Center for Health and Safety Culture
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Have you been thinking about becoming a foster parent? With over 437,000 U.S. children and youth in foster care right now, there is definitely a need for foster parents. But, how do you know if foster parenting is right for you? Deciding to become a foster parent is a big decision that takes thoughtful consideration. This podcast provides reflective questions to help you decide if becoming a foster parent is right for you and whether now is the right time.

From examining your personal reasons for wanting to become a foster parent to all of the emotional, environmental, organizational, financial, social, familial, and legal considerations, deciding to become a foster parent is a decision that requires a lot of thoughtful reflection. has resources tailored to foster parents, and this initial consideration is just the first step.

This podcast is brought to you by a partnership between Montana Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University. Their goal is to promote healthy mental, emotional, and behavioral development of children through the tools on, and supporting parents of children in the foster care system is one very important way. The decision to become a family who fosters a child is a big life-changing choice; listen now and ask yourself some crucial questions as you consider becoming a foster parent.