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Responsibility Versus Fault
Episode 318th June 2023 • A Pebble in the Cosmic Pond • Sabine Wilms PhD
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As just one example of the dynamic polarities, and the sweet spot in between, that we so love in Chinese medicine, this episode explores the difference between responsibility and fault.

How does our perspective shift when we consider placing or accepting responsibility as opposed to faulting ourselves or others in our attempts to explain outcomes that we do not like? Can we perhaps see responsibility as an opening to healing, to stepping forward into a better future, to repairing past damage, while fault keeps us mired in the past through toxic judgment and blame? What is the sweet spot between recognizing where there is room for improvement and slipping into a dead-end negativity? And what does any of this have to do with meditation, diet and lifestyle, karma, the spiritual marketplace, heavenly punishment, American litigiousness, Western and Eastern concepts of purity, and spilling hot water?

This is the topic of today’s episode of A Pebble in the Cosmic Pond on “Responsibility Versus Fault.” Our host, Dr. Sabine Wilms, and Leo Lok, resident Purveyor of Multiple Perspectives among the Seven Fools of the Bamboo Grove, are joined by Dr. Brenda Hood and Josh Paynter, both of whom are practitioners of Chinese medicine and specialists in Daoism, Brenda with a PhD in Daoist philosophy and Josh as one of the eminent teachers of Daoism as a spiritual practice in the West.

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