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Leveraging LinkedIn with Mandy McEwen
Episode 3107th March 2023 • The DigitalMarketer Podcast • Scalable Media Network
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Growing your business online with LinkedIn can prove challenging – especially if you don't know where to begin. 

Do you focus on your personal profile or is it better to create potential customer engagement using your business profile? 

And how do you turn awareness into something meaningful, like leads?

Mandy McEwen is the Founder and CEO of ModGirl Marketing. She's also the de facto ‘Queen of LinkedIn’ when it comes to creating actual engagement for your business. 

Her advice is that you create engagement by building community in a time where attention span is everything. 

This can start with mixing up your content, as well as having a good headshot and profile headline. 

There are other simple but effective tips as you straddle your time between your personal and business profile, such as inviting 100 of your personal contacts (per week) to like your business page. 

Mandy has plenty of sensible tips to optimize your Linkedin page, which should then be distilled into an online marketing strategy that can be executed for 90 days. 

From CEOs wanting to stay out of the limelight to those wanting to post political statements to go viral, the caveats and commendations are all here. 

Mandy McEwen is an expert on social selling. Her company, Luminetics, will train your inside sales team to grow their personal brands on LinkedIn and generate predictable, qualified appointments using the preferred business social media platform.

Key Takeaways:

01:05 What's gonna happen with LinkedIn in 2023?

02:50 How to convert awareness into leads 

05:20 Why commenting on other people's posts leads to increased awareness

06:30 How much time should you spend on your personal versus company page?

09:20 How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

15:10 Understanding protocol regards posting on LinkedIn

17:10 Is it worth being controversial on LinkedIn

19:12 Having a strategic 90-day plan to grow your business 

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