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John Haywood - Cancer to Ironman
Episode 19323rd August 2023 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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In 2019 John Haywood was diagnosed with two different types of cancer at the age of 45. The gym lover was told he may never be able to run again. So John brought a bike to build up his fitness. Three years later he cycled from Lands End to John o'Groats. The following year he completed Ironman Bolton, despite being knocked off his bike by a car during the cycle leg. John's message is simple, life is for living.

You'll hear:

06:00 John talks about being diagnosed with a very rare form of Sarcoma in September 2019 and then Hodgkin's Lymphoma a month later. He explains how he had his first surgery at the end of 2019.

09:00 John explains how he deals with things and how he tried not to overthink things after he was diagnosed with cancer.

12:00 How did John and his wife Claire deal with the fact that she works in cancer services and knows a lot about cancer.

14:00 John talks about the moment when he was told he might not ever be able to run again after sarcoma in his ankle, which he initially thought was a bruise.

19:00 John explains how he was treated for Lymphoma with radiotherapy while he was on crutches following two operations on his ankle for the sarcoma.

23:00 John talks about some of the side effects of his initial radiotherapy, which included fatigue and how he dealt with it.

26:00 The bike purchase in May 2020 that gave John a completely new direction in life.

28:00 What made John want to ride from Lands End to John o'Groats and how he turned it into a family adventure with his wife and daughter.

31:00 How a double cancer diagnosis gave John a clarity and a perspective that he didn't previously have.

35:00 Why did John want to enter Ironman Bolton?

37:00 How John's race nearly ended on the bike leg, due to a car driver turning onto the course and hitting John.

42:00 The Cancer support network that John has set up at work with Greater Manchester Police. 'It's like being in a club that nobody wants to be a member of"

44:00 We talk about cardio Vs strength workouts and how physical activity has helped John with his mental wellbeing. And why he's so passionate about MOVE Charity.

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