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Interview with Sound Designer & Studio Owner, John McClain - Part 2
Episode 915th January 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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John McClain knows a thing or two about sound.  For one thing, he's the owner and lead sound designer/mixer at The Dog and Pony Show in Las Vegas, Nevada (  For another, he won a Grammy for his work with the late, great George Carlin, and an Emmy for his work with HBO on the series 24/7, his work with PBS on the show Outdoor Nevada and his mix of the documentary African Americans: The Las Vegas Experience.   If that's not enough, he teaches a class in Tech for voice talent through the Voice Actors Studio - - owned by Melissa Moats ( - another fantastic voice talent in Vegas) and another course on Sound for Film at UNLV.

The second part of our discussion covered a bunch more topics like:

  • Voice actors and editors need to pay attention to the tempo of a script
  • How sound that's inconsistent or simply not good, can make a person turn away without knowing why
  • Information on a book John uses in his course called The Sonic Boom (
  • How sound allows you to time travel
  • When he first became conscious of sound and began to love it
  • How architecture has its own sound
  • Some information on his latest sound design projects
  • More information on his podcast, VO Inertia (

Dog and Pony Show can be found on Facebook at
and on Twitter at @DnPSound

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