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Bonus #22 - Hospitality Meets Craig Prentice - The Walk for Wellbeing
Episode 22Bonus Episode15th September 2023 • Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street • Phil Street
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A little sneaky bonus for you all this week as I wanted to showcase one of the wonderful highlights of the Hospitality Calendar, that being The Walk for Wellbeing.

So what better way to showcase that than get its founder on the show, Craig Prentice.

We also chat through Craigs journey to figure out where this idea came from and cover off:-

  • Starting at a Money brokers
  • Moving to a theatre &  Music venues
  • Finding Hospitality
  • Neglecting self care
  • Recruitment
  • Ennismore
  • Mental struggles
  • Starting business
  • All things Walk for Wellbeing
  • Togetherness

And so much more. I was lucky enough to take part in last years Walk for Wellbeing and I cannot recommend getting involved in whatever organised walk is closest to you. But even if you can't get to one of those, there are other ways to take part.

All of this to support one of the best charities in our sector, Hospitality Action.

We wish everyone involved and taking part this year all the very best.


Hospitality Action

Hospitality Action has a whole range of support services to help hospitality people back on their feet again after a setback. Each year they help thousands of people through challenging times. They want you to know that They are there for you when life takes an unexpected turn

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Follow Craig on craigjprentice

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