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Hope Talks: Introduction
Trailer20th January 2021 • Hope Talks • David's United Church of Christ
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Hope, the idea that tomorrow will be better than today, flickers through all major faiths. In this time of pandemic, stories have emerged of ordinary people engaged in hope. With help from two former journalists in our congregation, David’s United Church of Christ will share these experiences by means of a new bimonthly audio podcast, which we call “Hope Talks.”

For most of my life, as an editor in big city newsrooms, my job was to collect and tell stories of what happened to people and why. Later, as I felt the call into ordained ministry I learned that shared experiences are an important way people form bonds and build community. Twice a month, my colleague Patty Huston-Holm and I will be sharing conversations from extraordinary people who will offer insight into finding hope for daily living.

Like Jim, I love good stories. But why tell them in an audio podcast? I’ve discovered that podcasts are the 21st century version of the town crier. My 20-and-30 something friends in Uganda, Africa, are hooked on podcasts. My exercise buddies in their 40s and 50s love talk media. My neighbor in her 70s talks about her podcasts. What better way to spread the message of faith-based hope!

Hope Talks. Bringing you stories of ordinary people living a better tomorrow today, showing us all how to become the change we wish to see. Look soon for a Hope Talks link on the David’s website or on your favorite social media platform. And if you have a story to share, or know someone who does, shoot us an email at