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Be An Ally ! Inclusion, Diversity, Sustainability 365 with Alessandra Ginante Yockelson HPE
Episode 72nd August 2021 • Tomorrow's Tech Today • Sally Eaves
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There are many pathways into technology careers and in this episode we go on a journey from San Paolo, Brazil to Encinitas, California with Alessandra Ginante Yockelson PhD, Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Officer and Global HR Leader at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

In our discussion we cover a range of critical conversation points including the connection between sustainability and diversity, and between learning and diversity of experience, education as the library to transform lives, changing the narrative on what a tech career really 'looks like', reducing the arbitrary divide between tech and non tech jobs, the transition from STEM to STEAM learning, and creating a bigger pool of diverse talent - and retaining it.

We also place a spotlight on real world Tech For Good projects and programmes like 'Ready Now' by HPE supporting internal talent development readiness for board level leadership, alongside team level diversity and fantastic success at enhancing the retention of women in tech roles, which is absolutely vital, especially with the disproportional impact of the pandemic. And finally, look out for the 3 C's of skills critical to personal agility to change!

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