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129. The Ideal Brain Dump System for Creative Entrepreneurs
27th May 2024 • School of Sellers • Erin Waters - Tips for Teacher Sellers
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Do you feel like you have 25 tabs open in your brain at all times? If so, you are not alone! As a teacher, business owner, and mom, I feel like I constantly have new ideas, endless to-dos, and random things popping into my head all the time. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard about brain dumps before, but finding a brain dump system that works for me has truly been a game changer for making sure that my ideas and thoughts don’t get forgotten. 

I personally think that the mental load of a teacher business owner is unmatched. However, feeling overwhelmed by it all doesn’t need to be your norm. Once I started implementing the simple practice of a brain dump into my seller habits, my brain finally was able to feel some relief! In this episode, I am breaking down what a brain dump is, options for brain dumps, why having a system is beneficial, and my tips for a successful brain dump system.

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