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Episode 11: Building an Agency Together with Power Couple Akin & Tara
Episode 1113th October 2022 • Remote Millionaires • Offline Sharks LLC
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Managing and growing a family and a business together is not an easy feat. But this power couple is killing it! Discover their secret in today's episode of Remote Millionaires. 

Akin and Tara are the owners of Increase Biz Now, a family-owned, black-owned digital marketing agency that helps businesses increase their visibility and their brand. Akin & Tara noticed that all companies needed a website and be on social media platforms. They saw that businesses need branded marketing materials, systems, structure, and scalability tactics, which sparked the idea of building an agency providing those services. Soon enough, their client base soared to the point where they had to hire a team. Akin & Tara would not have been able to overcome the challenges that come with building a full-service agency without the help of the Remote Millionaires Program. 

“Don't expect success overnight, but take imperfect action every day.” (22:58) - Akin

“I will just tell women to really share with your husband or your significant other on the roles that you want to play in the business, 'what is it that you mind doing, and here's how I can help out so that this business can be successful.'” (10:57) - Tara


In This Episode:

  • Akin & Tara share their journey to building and growing a full-service digital marketing agency that helps businesses increase their visibility and their brand
  • How to share responsibilities as spouses in business and how women can become better partners in business
  • Client prospecting strategies (waiting for clients to contact you is certainly not the best way to do it)
  • How to accomplish multiple things while learning the skills to build an agency and moving forward with revenue-generating activities
  • How the Remote Millionaires Program helped Akin & Tara jumpstart their business (Sales Training, building SOPs & processes, etc.)
  • Akin & Tara's advice for couples who would like to build their business together

And much more…

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