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Sustainability In Schools: Where To Start
Episode 2417th August 2021 • School Business Leadership • Laura Williams
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Helen Burge, Deputy Chief Operations Officer, returns for the fourth episode of the Summer of CPD podcast series.

Helen joins me to talk about sustainability, why it’s important and what she thinks the SBL role has to do with it! She shares her ideas about what actions we can take and gives us tips on how we can get the conversation going.

The episode at a glance:

[1:36] – Helen describes how the sustainability agenda relates to the school environment and why she feels so passionately about it

[4:51]  – Helen talks about why the sustainability agenda isn’t as far removed from the SBL role than you might think 

[8:58] – We dig into the detail of how schools can support sustainability in a variety of areas

[15:50] – Helen talks about change over time, why a plan is important and how we can involve others and gain support

[26:22] – Helen shares her tips on where to start and encourages SBLs to get in touch!

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