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Deck Safety and a follow up listener question from last weeks show and so much more! 4 11 2020 Hour 1
Episode 91711th April 2020 • Around the House® Home Improvement: Expert Advice for your Home • Eric Goranson
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No guests in Hour 1 just a lot of seasonal topics. We have an unnamed listener with a follow up question about last weeks show.

We dive into inspecting your deck. With the average deck only lasting abut 15 years most decks have already exceeded that age so that puts them in a dangerous category. We will talk about those places that are common failure points and talk about where you should be looking and what you should be looking for. That way when we get back on it for that summer bbq we are good to go!

Window falls take too many kids lives each spring and summer and we are going to talk about what you can do to prevent it. With the windows coming open for Spring now is the time to take those safety issues seriously.

All this and more in this hour 1 episode of Around the House!

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