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There is Always Hope with Disability Advocate David Figueroa
Episode 1596th March 2022 • The Walkshow • Walker Neer
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This week we are exploring the walk of life with internationally recognized motivational speaker, podcaster, middle school assistant teacher, and disability advocate David Figueroa.  Born extremely premature, David was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as a young child and found himself facing not only the physical challenges but also the mental and emotional challenges of not being able to live the same life as other children.  David had continued support from his family and developed a self esteem and drive that is unshakeable and found a love for athletics.  David now creates content on a wide variety of platforms to educate, inform, and inspire people from all walks of life with his own story and character.  David has wisdom far beyond his age and is a truly incredible individual that I am beyond humbled to had as a guest.  The world would be a far better place if we could all live with the love and generosity that David shares.

Music by Misha Zarins.

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