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The Invisible Girl with Yvonne Sandomir
Episode 232nd February 2022 • Traumagility • Hayley Adams, CMHC, LPC, CCTP
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Traumagility is a coaching academy and podcast where we talk all things trauma and incorporate tips to help navigate life's toughest challenges. If you have trauma, or know someone who does, this video was made specifically for you. I'm Hayley The Therapist, a licensed mental health professional and coach. I'm on a mission to help 1 million people heal from pain.

Yvonne Sandomir is a Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach and author of the book The Invisible Girl: A Memoir. She has been a poet most of her life and became an author to draw attention to the epidemic of child sexual abuse in this country. Our discussion this week will be about her journey of perseverance through intense psychotherapy as she discovers that it is possible to not only survive the after-effects of deep childhood trauma, but to also break the generational cycle for the first time for her own family.

4:30 narratives we tell ourselves.

6:45. Forgiveness

13:30 abuse becomes love

16:50 when does trauma tend to come back?

24:20 depression is anger turned inward

30:50 finding love after trauma

45:50 facing fears in therapy and with family

55:00 the “bad guy” isn’t always in a back alley (grooming)


1:03:00 implanting sexual behaviors in the youths

1:06:30 breaking the cycle, looking for clues, and prevention

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