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From Blunders to Breakthroughs: A CHRO's intropective jouney on leading cultural competency.
Episode 17229th February 2024 • Remarkable Leadership Lessons • Denise Cooper
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Navigate Work's Cultural Labyrinth!

From language blunders to identity awakenings, this episode dives deep into, Loren Rosario-Maldonado, a leader who cracked the code of cultural intelligence. Be captivated by hearing her very personal journey of discovery as a minority woman who learns about her own biases and how they impact work. Hear how miscommunication can impact relationships & why enforcing one language can be divisive. Explore ideas on the challenges when you are forced to do self-reflection, role model inclusive leadership, & set boundaries for authentic expression. All this while, overcoming resistance to introspection & unlocking personal growth for herself and the teams she leads! Don't miss this roadmap to success in today's diverse workplace!

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