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Using Time Series Analysis to Uncover Why Gun Sales Increase After Mass Shootings - Maurizio Porfiri
Episode 1216th November 2021 • Data Science Conversations • Damien Deighan and Philipp Diesinger
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In this episode we are joined by Professor Maurizio Porfiri from NYU, to talk about his latest academic research which is using data science to uncover why sales of guns in the USA increase after a mass shooting event.  

His interest and research was borne from a very personal experience 14 years ago when he experienced a mass shooting event at Virginia Tech where he was studying.

  • Researching Complex Systems
  • Virginia Tech Mass Shooting event and its impact on Maurizio
  • What is the relationship between mass shooting events and the purchase of guns?
  • Analysis of time series data - 70 mass shootings in around 20 years
  • Can media coverage on mass shootings shape public opinion, thereby influencing firearm acquisition?
  • Examining the correlation between three distinct datasets
  • What are the causes of increased gun sales in the aftermath of mass shooting events?
  • Differences in the data at State level V National level?
  • Researching the complex firearm ecosystem with all its pieces - prevalence, violence and regulation