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Help with Meltdowns and Emotional Outbursts (Feat. Angela Gotz and Jessie Ragnio) S4E11
Episode 1125th June 2021 • The Autism Dad • Rob Gorski
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I get so many questions about Mightier and today I’m talking to Angela Gotz, a Mom to 2 autistic kiddos, who’s been using Mightier for a couple of years. I talk about her life and experience as an autism parent and how Mightier has impacted their lives. Then I speak with Jessie Ragnio, the Associate Clinical Director at MIghiter. We talk about the science behind Mightier and why it works so well. This is a great resource for anyone interested in trying Mightier out in their home.

About Mightier: Mightier is a video game platform based on the science of biofeedback. It’s tested and proven by Harvard Medical and Boston Children’s Hospital to help kids learn to emotionally self-regulate. In other words, kids learn to recognize and manage their emotions while playing really fun video games.

Currently, Mightier is giving away a FREE android tablet with each subscription.

You can read my full review of Mightier here

You can purchase Mightier for yourself by clicking here

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BrainyAct® provides tech-enabled, patent-pending therapy programs delivered via gamification for neurological disorders such as Autism, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, and ADHD. BrainyAct activates the underdeveloped areas of the brain through exercises that strategically target a child’s balance, gravity, gross/fine motor, rhythm and timing, visual motor perception, and memory. Putting hope in motion means putting your family first in everything we do and using movement to affect real change. Shifting hope to a reality. 91% of families report global brain improvements after four months. Our company was built on the premise to create real, measurable, and visible change that shows you how your child is improving through data. BrainyAct is for homes and schools. Visit Use promo code THEAUTISMDAD and save $500. This is a limited time offer.

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