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Future-Proof - Business Learning Institute EPISODE 112, 14th September 2020
112. Trump vs. Biden on tax policy | with Tony Nitti
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112. Trump vs. Biden on tax policy | with Tony Nitti

With the upcoming elections fast approaching, we are going to make a level-headed comparison of the two candidates through the lens of their tax policies. How does each candidate differ when it comes to their ideas about individual and corporate taxes?

Joining us to discuss the topic is Tony Nitti. Tony is a tax partner with RubinBrown in Aspen, Colorado. He also teaches the graduate tax programs at both the University of Denver and Golden Gate University. He writes about tax issues frequently for The Tax Adviser, Taxes Magazine, the JofA, and Accounting Today. He’s also a featured tax writer for Forbes.

Tony Nitti talks about the many ways in which President Trump and Joe Biden differ when it comes to tax policy, from individual and corporate tax rates, capital gains, deductions, tax credits, and more.

To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit blionline.org/blog.


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