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Mastermind: Boris Becker
Episode 357th July 2021 • Inside the Mind of Champions • Jeremy Snape
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With our eyes glued to Wimbledon this year, I explore some of the rare insights and coaching philosophies from one of tennis’ most successful players – Boris Becker. As the German former world No. 1 professional tennis player, he was successful from the start of his career, winning the first of his six major singles titles at age 17. His Grand Slam singles titles included three Wimbledons, two Australian Opens and one US Open.

Join me as we find out how he has managed to sustain success over the long-term. These lessons go beyond tennis - from learning how to manage your self-talk and emotions, to reconnecting with your core principles and growing from constructive disagreements. We’ll also explore how Boris Becker approached coaching one of the world’s biggest sporting icons - Novak Djokovic. 

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