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101. Real Talk: Why Some of the Biggest Online Business Owners Have Quit
Episode 10113th March 2023 • On Your Terms® | Legal Tips Meets Marketing Strategies for Online Business • Sam Vander Wielen
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Are you curious why so many big names in the industry are announcing sabbaticals or even closing up shop altogether? In this episode, I dive deep into the underlying issues of the online business world, exploring the aspirational marketing techniques that are driving many entrepreneurs to burnout and disillusionment. Join me as I examine what's really behind the trend of successful entrepreneurs stepping back from the limelight and how we can learn from their experiences to build more sustainable businesses.

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • What’s causing so many online business owners to burn out
  • The dangers of aspirational marketing for business owners and consumers
  • Treating your business like a real business

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