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Chapter 84. Unleash the Swoop
Episode 846th December 2021 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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This one's for you Jackie Blear from Leigh, Lancashire.

You have probably forgotten, but you posted a question on the guest book page at and Ant was quite taken with it. Consequently we took it, ran with it and mangled it into a whole TCD sized chat.

I won't say any more because it will give the game away, but congrats Jackie on bringing about a fair amount of head-scratching, beard-stroking and whispered muttering.

The diary section is all about my late-night tour of the White House. The Oval Office, the press room, literally the whole nine yards. Almost caught a whiff of Monica Lewinski's perfume drifting up from the thick pile carpet. It's amazing where knowing a man with a big gun can get you.

Love from h, the US secret service, Mossad, Eagle, Evergreen, Energy and Marilyn


ps Thank you to the Baroness for my Cardiff encore cardigan. X

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