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Next-gen Payments to Modernise Global Payroll with Matt Teumer #70
Episode 7016th November 2021 • The Payroll Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast by Matt Teumer, Director of Global Payroll Payments & Treasury at Immedis!

Immedis is a leading International provider of consolidated global payroll solutions for clients, covering the complete end-to-end payroll cycle across over 200 countries, ensuring all beneficiaries are paid accurately and on time in more 145 currencies.

Matt has a proven track record of delivering next-gen payment solutions that modernize the way organizations deliver their payroll and he has worked across multiple industries to understand how payment technology can improve operations and streamline payroll processes.

In this "Next-gen Payments to Modernise Global Payroll" episode with Matt Teumer on The Payroll Podcast, we also explore:

  1. What does the word “payroll” mean to you?
  2. Automated Solutions that can Simplify and Streamline this Delivery of International Payments.
  3. The biggest challenges organizations face when it comes to managing payroll-related payments?
  4. The trends that are influencing how organizations fund and pay their employees?
  5. How to address the challenges regarding how international payments are handled today?
  6. The critical steps/stages to consider if you want to implement a next-gen payment solution that can modernise global payroll payment processes?
  7. What is coming down the line in terms of automation of payments as it relates to payroll and overall within the corporate space?
  8. What is going to be the next big thing in payroll?
  9. What is the future for payroll in relation to making payments into Crypto wallets or Crypto currencies?

Links highlighted in this “Next-gen Payments to Modernise Global Payroll with Matt Teumer” episode are included below:

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Thanks for listening, folks – I look forward to bringing you the next episode of the Payroll Podcast real soon!