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Episode #265: Edwin Kwan: Who Should Bear the Cost of Invoice Scam?; Marcel Brown: This Day in Tech History; Olimpiu Pop: DORA Metrics - an agile, emotionally safe culture is the way; Shannon Lietz: Security in the DORA Report ; Nathen Harvey: Insights on AI in the DORA Report
Episode 2653rd November 2023 • It's 5:05! Daily cybersecurity and open source briefing • Contributors from Around the World
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The stories we’re covering today.

Marcel Brown: November 3rd, 1957. The Soviet Union launches Sputnik the second spacecraft launched into Earth orbit and the first spacecraft to carry a living creature into orbit. Laika, the Siberian Husky dog, unfortunately only survived a few hours into the flight and died from stress and overheating.

Edwin Kwan: Who should bear the cost of invoice scam? The victim, the company the money was meant to be sent to, or the bank? A couple tried to purchase a Mercedes-Benz from a dealership, but transferred the money to hackers due to an invoice scam. Mercedes-Benz is claiming that the invoice scam was due to the customer's email being compromised.

Olimpiu Pop :DORA Metrics became part of the silver bullets arsenal of the software industry. Follow the key metrics and all is well, right? Follow deployment frequency, time to restore the service, lead time for a change, and change failure rate and you're all set. Not really. It's much more than that.

Shannon Lietz: This year, what I saw that was most remarkable in the report was the AI section. There's some interesting insights to glean from that section of the report. In particular, what folks are thinking about in terms of AI contributions. Top three was quite insightful if you ask me. Analyzing data, writing code clocks or data functions, and analyzing security.

Nathen Harvey: Back in January of 2023, AI was certainly hot, but how do we assess its impact on things like software delivery performance and organizational performance. This was a thing that we as researchers really struggled with. So we asked this question... " for the primary application or service that you work on, how important is the role of AI in contributing to each of the following tasks?"